Types of Retinopathy & How to Treat Them

There are various types of retinopathy to be aware of as you age, particularly if you suffer from other diseases such as diabetes. Retinopathy, which is broadly defined as a disease of the Retina, is the leading cause of preventable blindness, particularly in aging populations and those with comorbidities like diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure).

Given the preventable nature of these different types of Retinopathy, it’s more important than ever to have regular and comprehensive eye exams, like those offered by our leading Nashville eye doctor. Music City Optical utilizes the latest in cutting-edge vision care technology to help diagnose and treat various eye disorders, including diabetic Retinopathy and other types of Retinopathy or eye-related disorders.

If you’d like to know more about the different types of retinopathy, or if you already suffer from something like diabetic retinopathy, then it’s time to schedule your appointment with a leading Nashville eye doctor.

Types of Retinopathy

The Retina is the part of your eye that lines the back of your eye and is light sensitive. No matter the cause or the types of Retinopathy you may suffer from, the ultimate blindness that can stem from these diseases is due to damage of the blood vessels to the Retina. Though the most common form of Retinopathy in the United States is Diabetic Retinopathy, there are three other main causes of this disease: Retinopathy of Prematurity, Hypertensive Retinopathy, and Central Serous Retinopathy.

Regardless of the types of Retinopathy you suffer from, damage to the retinal part of the eye stems from an unhealthy blood supply to this part of the eye. As the disease develops, it can cause a number of adverse effects, including leaking blood vessels. Ultimately, these problems can cause the retina to either breakdown or even detach, which is what leads to vision impairment and in the most severe cases, blindness.

The two most common types of Retinopathy that we see if our Nashville Optometry office are Diabetic Retinopathy and Hypertensive Retinopathy. Diabetic Retinopathy is the most common, and, according to the National Eye Institute, is expected to affect 11 million people in the United States by 2030 and 14.6 million by 2050.

A woman getting an eye exam to determine if she suffers from any times of retinopathy

Symptoms of Retinopathy

Depending on the types of Retinopathy you may be suffering from, symptoms can vary. However, if you experience things like blurred vision, or the sudden appearance of black “floaters” in your vision, they are definite signs you may be suffering from Retinopathy and a visit to our leading Nashville eye doctor is in order. Other symptoms can include things like fluctuations in your overall visual acuity, struggles with night vision, and dark or blank spots in your visual field.

Treatment for Retinopathy

There are a number of great treatments for all types of Retinopathy. Key to the treatment success, however, is early detection and healthy management of whatever is causing your disease-related Retinopathy. Specific treatments for the different types of Retinopathy can include things like:

  1. Injectible medications. If this is the right treatment for you, your eye doctor will inject a medication during an in-office procedure directly into the vitreous (watery) portion of your eye. The goal of these medications is to stop the growth of blood vessels and limit further damage to your retina. This is generally a quick, easy, and painless procedure.
  2. Laser therapy. This therapy uses lasers to stop or slow the leakage of blood or other fluid into the eye, and/or to to shrink abnormal blood vessels in the eye to prevent further damage to the retina.
  3. Vitrectomy. This is one of the more advanced treatments for different types of Retinopathy. It’s a surgical procedure that removes blood from the vitreous portion of your eye, as well as any scar tissue that may be pulling on or damaging your retina.

Of course, when it comes to diagnosing or treating any of these types of retinopathy, a professional eye doctor is required. Put your eyecare into the hands of the leading eye doctor in Nashville, and book your appointment with Music City Optical today!

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