It’s Time to Pull Out Your Winter Sunglasses!

Most people tend to think of sunglasses as a summer accessory, but did you know it’s just as important to wear winter sunglasses? The main purpose of sunglasses, no matter the time of year, is to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Depending on the strength of UV exposure and how long you’re exposed, exposure to sunlight in the absence of sunglasses can actually cause damage to the surface of our eyes, as well as damage to the cornea and retina.

This is just as true in the winter as it is in summer – though the circumstances can be different – and that is why winter sunglasses are an important winter accessory! If you don’t have a great pair of sunglasses, particularly if you have prescription lenses, make an appointment to visit Music City Optical, Nashville’s leading optometrist and optical boutique. We’d love to help you pick out the perfect pair of winter sunglasses to keep protecting your eyes in this cold weather!

Woman wearing winter sunglasses while outside to protect her eyes

How Winter Sunglasses Can Help Protect Your Eyes

If you’ve ever stood outside in the snow or gone skiing, snowboarding, or participated in other winter sports, you likely already know just how bright winter sunlight could be. But you don’t have to be playing in the snow to experience bright, potentially damaging light in the winter, which is why it’s important to have a good pair of winter sunglasses on hand. This kind of damage can also come from artificial indoor light.

Wearing winter sunglasses not only makes being outside during these colder months more enjoyable, but it also helps protect your eyes from long-term disease. Frequent exposure to UV light can actually lead to a higher risk for vision-related diseases like cataracts, macular degeneration, eye cancers, growths on the eyes, and even potential blindness. These damaging effects are cumulative, too, building over a lifetime.

When determining if your winter sunglasses are suitable for outdoor activities, especially those involving the snow, it’s important to know what level of UV protection they offer. Winter sunglasses are rated based on how much UVA and UVB rays they block, and the higher this percentage the better! We recommend polarized winter sunglasses that block 100% UVA and B rays, or offer UV400 protection.

We carry a variety of frame brands and sunglasses at our Nashville Eye Clinic. If you need a new pair of winter sunglasses this year, don’t hesitate to reach out so we can help you find the perfect frames to fit your face and protect your eyes!


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