Get to Know the History of Corrective Lenses

Today, there are several types of corrective eyewear, from glasses to contacts – but do you know the history of corrective lenses? Problems with vision have been documented throughout human history, so the history of corrective lenses is actually pretty interesting, with the first pair of eyeglasses cropping up somewhere in the 11th or 12 centuries.

Regardless of when the first pair of glasses were crafted, they’ve certainly come a long way since then. If you’re noticing your vision declining, or perhaps your prescription doesn’t seem as good as it could be anywhere, then it’s time for an updated comprehensive eye exam.

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Woman getting ready to put in her contacts - a form of corrective lenses

What are Corrective Lenses?

Most people think of corrective lenses at their most basic – eyeglasses. However, that isn’t the true definition of the term. Rather, corrective lenses, which are defined as optical devices worn in front of the eyes to improve various vision problems, are often worn in conjunction with eyeglasses. They can also be worn in the form of contact lenses.

Corrective lenses can help various vision problems, including near and far-sightedness, astigmatism, and more. Just as there are a range of vision-related problems, there are a range of corrective lenses to choose from. Which lens to use often depends on the issue being addressed, and the choice between wearing corrective lenses in the form of contact lenses or eyeglasses is most often a personal choice.

Regardless of which style of vision correction you prefer, our Nashville Optometrist will work with you to ensure you have a final solution you’re happy with and proud to wear. That includes finding the best designer frames at our optical boutique!

The History of Corrective Lenses

Today, more than 60% of adults in the U.S. wear some form of corrective lenses. They are ubiquitous, so it’s interesting to think back to a time when there wasn’t such an easy solution to problems with our vision. Around 1,000 A.D., Monks developed a method to help them magnify and read texts in the form of polished quartz. It doesn’t appear that the first pair of corrective eyeglasses came until later, sometime in the 11th or 12th centuries.

The first evidence of corrective eyewear showed up in paintings. Though some form of corrective lenses had been used for centuries before, it’s generally thought that the first pair of eyeglasses appeared in Italy somewhere between 1268 and 1300. Much like modern eyeglasses, this pair consisted of two glass magnifiers connected by a simple hinge.

Once the printing press was developed in 1440, the number of citizens reading grew, and thus, so did the demand for eyeglasses. The history of corrective lenses is a fascinating lesson in history, and it’s certainly something we take for granted in today’s modern society.

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