Explore the Different Types of Contact Lenses

There are quite a few different types of contact lenses available today, and understanding these differences and knowing what will work best for you is an important consideration. Contact lenses can be an essential component of your vision correction, allowing you more freedom than traditional eyeglasses. At Music City Optical, we pride ourselves on offering a range of different options and helping you choose what will work best for you.

The first step in getting contact lenses will be to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with our Nashville eye doctor, Dr. Connie James. Based on a thorough exam and review of your needs, in addition to your daily activities, our Nashville eye doctor will work with you to determine what type of vision correction will work best for you.

To get started, simply schedule an online appointment with Music City Optical, located in the heart of downtown Nashville.

Explore the different types of contact lenses available at our Nashville eye doctor

Different Types of Contact Lenses in Nashville

According to the FDA, there are two main types of contact lenses; soft and rigid gas permeable (RGP). However, within these main categories, there are several different types of contact lenses, each of which is suitable for specific cases and is something best discussed with our Nashville eye doctor.

Here are the different types of contact lenses available at our Nashville eye clinic:

  1. Hydrogel (Soft) lenses – are made from gel-like plastics, which allow more oxygen to the eye than older hard lenses. These lenses are ideal for sports and must be replaced monthly.
  2. Silicone Hydrogel (Soft) lenses are an advanced type of soft contact lenses that are more porous than regular hydrogel soft lenses and allow even more oxygen to reach the cornea. These are the most popular contact lenses prescribed in the United States.
  3. Gas Permeable are rigid contact lenses that appear and feel like traditional hard lenses but are porous and allow oxygen to pass through them. These rigid lenses are more comfortable than the old-fashioned hard lenses, can provide sharper vision, and are more durable than soft and silicone hydrogel contacts, especially if you have astigmatism.
  4. Bifocal and Multifocal Lenses – In both soft and GP designs, bifocal and multifocal lenses offer patients both distance and near vision correction, similar to a pair of bifocal and multifocal glasses. This type of contact lens can address presbyopia (Age 40+) by offering distance vision correction and near vision correction.
  5. Color Contact Lenses – These fun addition to contact lenses allow you to enhance your actual eye color or even change the color completely.
  6. Scleral Contact Lenses – These specialty firm lenses combine the sharp vision of Gas Permeable with the comfort of soft lenses. These Large-diameter gas permeable lenses are prescribed for select patients, including those with corneal diseases like keratoconus, post-surgical scars, or dry eyes.

If you’ve been curious about the different types of contact lenses and would like to discuss your options further, give our office a call or schedule your comprehensive eye exam with our Nashville eye doctor today!

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